Import Objects

Change Requests/Promotions of the selected Change Request/EditObjects/Plex Import
To import objects with the Plex Import Module, open a promotion to edit the promotion objects.
It is necessary to open the AllFusion Plex model before you call the Plex Import Module.
Model objects will be accessed in the model currently open.
Import Objects


1. Pre-Filter
To pre-filter the import objects, see the documentation under Plex Import Parameter.
The parameters “Import all Scoped”, “Import view functions” and “Import Object with
Status” are configured in the Plex Import Parameters. These parameters can be overridden
for the current import. Additionally, the objects can be filtered by language.

Current Model

2. Current Model


3. Filter
The lists (subject area, package) of the model can be filtered by object name.
The list object status can only be used when importing a list.


4. List
Select the List (subject area, package) to be imported into the current promotion.

Import Objects

5. Import Objects
When a list is selected and “Import” clicked, the import process starts immediately.
For large lists with many objects, the import can take several minutes.