Menu/Master Data/Edit environments/Assign location to environment

Edit environment data

You only need to specify the library sources and the backup library sources, if you are
deploying source objects on the IBM System i. Otherwise, leave this empty.
If you select Delete Objects, the objects will be deleted from the source environment
after the promotion.
Promote object source: for each object the source code with the same name is
Delete check out source: a checked out source code will be deleted after the
Promotion option: When set to ‘Source’ and the object type is also set to ‘Source’,
only the source code without the object is promoted. In addition, the flag ‘Promote
object source’ must be checked. This can be used if the object is to be recompiled in
the target environment by a user defined process.

Assign locations

Select an environment and assign the locations to this environment. For each
assigned location, you can specify the libraries and directories, depending on the
location type.
Make sure the source and the target environment have the same locations assigned
and the libraries and directories specified! Otherwise, the promotion process will fail.
For an environment of type “Update Package”, no locations need to be assigned.