Create Environment

Create Environment


1. Environment
Assign a code (key attribute)

Environment Description

2. Environment Description
Enter a description of the environment

Environment Type

3. Environment Type
Specify the type of the environment

Promotion Rights:

4. Promotion Rights:
Level 1-5 (the user group needs a least this level assigned to
promote into this environments)

Server Type

5. Server Type
IBM System i

Server Type

6. Server Type
Enter your IBM i Server name

Backup Library

7. Backup Library
Enter a library name (make sure the library exists on the server)
This library will be used to store save files with backup objects.

System i Job Description:

8. System i Job Description:
Enter Job Description “library/jobd”. This will be used to
access the system specified for this environment. The access information will then be
written to the MatchPoint. ini-file. The job description must exist in the specified library
on the specified System i server.

System i Port Number

9. System i Port Number
Enter Port Number. The Port Number will be used for
Client/Server communication. Port must be available on your IBM i Server.

System i Code Page:

10. System i Code Page:
Enter Code Page. This will be used to update the application
INI-file. To determine the correct Code Page, please refer to the CA Plex Help.

Directory Extern

11. Directory Extern
\\server\directory... (only needs to be specified if you work with
update packages) Also, set the Environment Type to “Update Package”.

Library Extern

12. Library Extern
(only needs to be specified if you work with update packages)

FTP Server

13. FTP Server
An FTP server can be assigned to an environment. When the
environment is of type ‘Update package’, the update package can be uploaded to this
FTP server, after it’s been created. If the environment is not of type ‘Update package’,
the FTP server information is used when a remote promotion to a System i server is
executed by FTP (see promotion path configuration).

CR Status before Promotion

14. CR Status before Promotion
this CR status needs to be set in order to promote a
change request out of this environment.

CR Status after Promotion

15. CR Status after Promotion
this CR status will be automatically after a promotion
into this environment.

Customer Promotion

16. Customer Promotion
Only for ISV-Module. Select Yes, if this is the environment
from where you distribute the updates to the customers. Please refer to the ISV

Environment Group

17. Environment Group
An environment can be specified as a group. Once defined as
a group other environments can be added to the group. This allows for promoting to
multiple environments at the same time.


18. Customer
Only for ISV-Module. Assign customers to the customer environments.

Two Phase Promotion

19. Two Phase Promotion
This option allows to promoting changes in two steps, deliver
client – Active client and deliver Server.