ISV Module

The Solution for Software Vendors
The MatchPoint ISV Module was developed to meet the requirements of software vendors. It
not only allows the management of all the internal change management processes of
developing software, but also enables the management of customer installations and
customer PTF levels, including the possibility of automatically updating customer
This enables software vendors to always have accurate information about their customers’
installed software releases. It allows, in combination with managing dependencies, to make
sure that every customer has the necessary updates installed.
Software updates can be delivered as update packages and placed as downloadable files on
a support website. In this case, customers can download the update package and install the
update. The installation history for every customer can be updated automatically or manually.
Change Management Process
The ISV-Module manages the change management processes from the software vendor to
the customer (blue circle). The internal change management process is managed by the
MatchPoint standard installation. With the additional functionality of the ISV-Module, the
change management process is covered from the creation of a new requirement to the
installation of an update on a customer system.