Plex Import Parameter

Menu/Master Data/Configure Plex Import
Add a set of Plex Import Parameters. It is possible to add several Parameter records, but only one should be active.
The import process looks at the first active parameter record.
Explanation of the parameters:
 Plex Import Parameter

Import all scoped

1. Import all scoped
Expands all the objects in the list and includes the scoped objects in the import (max. 8 levels).
Levels such as “LST contains LST” are always included in the import (additionally 5 levels)

Import view functions

2. Import view functions
If "Import all Scoped" is not being used, this flag ensures that view functions are imported if the
imported list contains a view. If "Import all Scoped" is set, this flag has no effect.

Import only objects with status

3. Import only objects with status
Optionally enables filtering of list objects with a specified status.
  • Built
  • Completed
  • Modified
  • Testing

Pre-Select Import

4. Pre-Select Import
The lists in the function 'Select Import List' can be pre-filtered. With this value it’s possible to specify
which field is being used for filtering the lists.
  • Change Request Number
  • CR Description
  • Reference
  • Developer
This makes it easy to make a connection between a Change Request and a List in the AllFusion Plex Model.
Depending on the naming of lists, the corresponding field can be used for filtering.

Active Status

5. Active Status
Only one record should be active. If several records are active, the import process uses the first one.

Plex TripleMatch

6. Plex TripleMatch
For each record in Plex Import Parameter, multiple triple match records can be specified.