Promotion Path

Menu/Master Data/Edit applications/Edit versions/Edit promotion path
For each version of your applications, you can now specify the sequence of the
environments, the so called promotion path.
When using the ISV Module, you can have several environments with the same
sequence number. In this case, the promotion process will ask you in which
environment to promote. Typically this would be used for multiple customer
environments that are being delivered with updates from one environment
Promotion Path


1. Application
Application Info

Select Environment

2. Select Environment
Select an environment


3. Sequence
Add the environment and assign a (unique) sequence number.
  • Development XY = 1,
  • Test XY = 1
  • Production XY = 3

Promotion System i

4. Promotion System i
The entry on the target environment determines the promotion type.
Netfile: MatchPoint creates a save file and sends it to the target server (SNDNETF).
This promotion type needs an APPN-Connection and directory entries for the singed
on user on both systems. Check if you can manually send a netfile to the target
server before you promote with MatchPoint.
Package: MatchPoint creates an update package. In order to use this option, the third
party product ZipGenius 5 has to be installed on your workstation. On the target
environment, the Directory Extern and Library Extern need to be specified. If you
have an FTP Server specified, the update package can be transferred to this server
SavRstObj: MatchPoint creates a savefile and sends it to the target server
(SAVRSTOBJ). This promotion needs an APPN-Connection, but is easier to
configure than the ‘Netfile’-Option. IBM license program ‘ObjectConnect’ must be
FTP: Matchpoint creates a savefile and sends it to the target server by FTP. The
target environment must have a FTP server with the correct settings assigned. This is
most likely the easiest to configure of all options. Restriction: Source code cannot be
promoted by FTP, source code is always promoted by SAVRSTOBJ commands.