Plex Auto Generator

Plex Auto Generator

AtuoGen EXE

1. AtuoGen EXE
Path to the Autogen Executable, this is defined in the Control Parameters

Local Model File

2. Local Model File
Path to the Model (MDL file) from which the function will be generated

Plex EXE

3. Plex EXE
Path to the version of plex to be used for generation

Generation Mode

4. Generation Mode
The Generation mode support the next Values:
1- Generate - This will only generate the source
2- Build - This will only Compile the sources
3 Generate and Build - This will generate the sources and compile

Plex Object Type

5. Plex Object Type
The plex object type supports the next Values:
1- Subject Area
2- Package
3- List

Plex Object Name

6. Plex Object Name
The plex Object Name is the name of the Subject Area, Package or List that will be generated, this support multiple values separated by coma