CA Plex Import Module

The Plex Import Module provides the ability to import objects from the AllFusion Plex
model into a promotion in CM MatchPoint. For importing objects, the developer selects
a list, a subject area or a package in the model. The Import module then imports all
objects in the selected object according to the import configuration. In AllFusion Plex,
objects can be automatically added to a list when the option “Automatically log
modified objects” is selected. Importing lists into the promotion then enables the easy
promotion of changed objects. The list object can be filtered for a specified list status.
CA Plex Release R5.5 SP1 (Build 93.004) or higher
In case there are older versions of AllFusion Plex registered on the workstation, the
following command might be necessary:
c:\Program Files\ca\AllFusion Plex r5.5\plex.exe ‘’ /RegServer
The Plex Import Module only runs with CA Plex Release R5.5 SP1 (Build 93.004) and
higher. When working with the Plex Import Module, only one model can be open.
When closing a model, Plex stays in memory for a certain amount of time. In this
case, wait until Plex unloads from the memory or end the process in the task