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Edit TripleMatch

Sort Field

1. Sort Field
This field specifies the order of the TripleMatch entries in the import process.
This entry is crucial, especially when TripleMatch entries are connected with
each other or an “additional object” is specified.

Object type

2. Object type
Specifies the object type of the import object that the TripleMatch entry applies to.


3. Verb
Only verbs that are allowed with the specified Object Type can be entered.
The verb cannot be changed once the TripleMatch entry is added. To change
the verb, the entry must be deleted and re-entered.


4. Compare
This field defines the type of comparison of the target object. Possible values:
EQ          equal
NE          not equal
CT          contains
ST          starts with


5. Target
The value in this field is compared to the object’s triple target.
The entry is case sensitive! The type of comparison is defined by the next field.

Additional Object

6. Additional Object
When a triple matches during the import process, the object is created and the following
TripleMatch entries are ignored. This is not true if the flag “Additional Object” is specified.
It makes the import process look for the next TripleMatch. If another match is found,
another object will be created in the CM MatchPoint promotion.
Typically, this can be used to create a DLL and a PNL object for a WinC function.

Process Target

7. Process Target
This flag makes the import process look at the target object instead of the source object it is processing.
For the imported object, the object name of the target object will be used. If the target object has an
implementation name, the target’s implementation name will be used. If not, the source object’s
implementation name will be used.


8. Connector
The connector allows connecting TripleMatch entries with an “AND”. The connector is set on the first
TripleMatch entry. A list object must match both entries in order to be imported. The CM MatchPoint
object type has to be specified only on the last TripleMatch entry of multiple connected entries.
In connection with the option “Additional Object”, this flag has to be specified only on the last TripleMatch entry.

Object Type MatchPoint

9. Object Type MatchPoint
This field determines what kind of object is being created in the CM MatchPoint promotion.
The object type also controls the location of the object (library, directory). For more information
on CM MatchPoint object type, check the CMT.hlp.

Implementation Name Override

10. Implementation Name Override

Ignore Conflict

11. Ignore Conflict

Optional Object

12. Optional Object